Cupcake icon


This is lovely cupcake big icon, contain all sizes from 512 to 16 px , *.icns format included. I also recorded speedpaint video, if interested

ZIP, 1 icon .png,.icns 1 mb

  1. effin amazing :D nice speedpaint too ;)

  2. Chloé says:
  3. Your works are amazing (l)
    Are you going to do an Iphone theme on this website
    It’ll be awsome !
    love the cupcake yummy !

  4. Great icon!!! I downloaded the photoshop version. Perfect!

  5. wolfy says:
  6. Very nice and comfortable. Thank for the sharing

  7. I love this bolg!Nice to meet you!

  8. It looks amazing! And seems really tasty !!

  9. Marmar says:
  10. one of the best

  11. Alma says:
  12. Words fail to tell you how excellent your work is!

  13. Flore says:
  14. Thank you very much for sharing your GREAT work :) )

  15. Miana says:
  16. Wow…. it’s beauuuuutifuuuullll….. :) thank you…

  17. OMG I love this :D

  18. Cath says:
  19. this absolutely great…

  20. LOVE!! Simply adorable!

  21. Hfeliny says:
  22. Delicious ! Thanks a lot !

  23. Miana says:
  24. Hi girl, I found this icon on YouTube’s speedpainting… A lovely piece of art that you have here…

  25. THANK YOU!

  26. Fantastic! Perfectly done!

  27. Great Post. thanks for share.

  28. Lallinda says:
  29. Thank you so much for sharing, beautiful work!

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