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New Isometric 10 icons about Designer/Freelancer workspace.

Perfect comfy Chair – copy of my own favourite chair ;) The bestintheworld working desktop, you got everything you need there, ofcource no designer’s table without Wacom tablet ,  some busy people ofcource working on notebooks,  and no workspace without scetchbook ,  and what in your life will do without personal box where you can out all your little cool stuff,  the “real life eidition” of Adobe photoshop toolbox , you might not have this one, but you can have it in your heart, but you have at least wooden mannequin ?? I do! I let him to care my wacom pen sometimes, this is so big honor for him. And ofcource after busy day don’t forget to watch cool movie on your iMac while eating popcorn . Yummy.

10 PNG, 427 kB

Chair iconImac desktop computer iconBox iconPhotoshop tools iconPopcorn cd disks icon

Wacom iconNotebook iconSketch book iconWood mannequin iconWork desk station icon

  1. very nice!

  2. Lola says:
  3. WOW! Very cool!

  4. Churchy says:
  5. These are charming but how doe one separate them from the ugly white boxes?

  6. sevenupcan says:
  7. Wow, these are absolutely fantastic. Well done. I love the whole set. Magnificently made!

  8. ab fab illustration work, very nice, love your website design too :)

  9. Again truly amazing job.
    used some of your icons here :-)

  10. Very nice ! I liike !

  11. Nico says:
  12. Wonderful, as always !

  13. Fantastic icons – once again :-D

    What is the license for these icons?

  14. Hey . You are awesome ! Honestly ;)

  15. awesome stuff dude :)

  16. C.F. Action says:
  17. Amazing!! Thank You!!!

  18. These are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Very beautiful Thanks for sharing

  20. jasenko says:
  21. like you style, very nice

  22. Really awsome! Reminds me of BeOS / Haiku :) Is there any chance for more icons like this ones? I’d love to have such desktop on my MacBook :)

  23. asha says:
  24. Very beautiful icons. Thank U so much

  25. Loving these!! Great work!

    the iMac looks amazing!! :)

  26. Totally awesome set of icons!

  27. these are simply gorgeous. thank you for sharing the workspace iconolicious love!!

  28. b4webs says:
  29. Wow I feel like A

    kid at x-mas time. Going to bookmark your home page and tweet this t& tublr it.

  30. Corp says:
  31. Hell) sorry but, can i look at psd?))

  32. Thank you! you have an amazing portfolio.

  33. Rafael says:
  34. Great job ! Thanks

  35. can i use them my open souce app
    email me

  36. interesante aporte

  37. Hi. I cant see licence of this set :( Could you add informations ?

  38. Maria says:
  39. Thank You for such a cute gift!!!! Icons are awesome!

  40. I li ke tis work is beautz and line design is………nice,profi.

  41. Wow.,
    Its very cool.,
    like this.. :D

  42. I love the quality of this set, but that “real-life” Photoshop toolbox killed me! I wrote every designer/artist I know and had them check it out. Friggin brilliant – great work.

  43. Very beautiful Thanks for sharing :D

  44. Very nice.

  45. nice sharing.. thanks..

  46. Great!

  47. So detailed, great job! :)

    Jack – Frodsham Web, Cheshire (UK)

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